Saturday, September 5, 2020

More safe browsing with RaspberryPi and PiHole

To restrict access to unwanted websites:

 Go To PiHole Settings -> DNS->Upstream DNS Servers

I use the upstream DNS servers provided by

Enter the IPs provided by CleanBrowsing into the IPv6 and IPv4 input fields

Scroll down to Advanced DNS settings and enable these

  • Never forward non-FQDNs
  • Never forward reverse lookups for private IP ranges (only if you use PiHole as your DHCP server instead of your router)
  • Use DNSSEC

Safe Search with Raspberry Pi and PiHole

 Instructions adapted from this thread:

Add these to /etc/hosts

create this file  /etc/dnsmasq.d/05-restrict.conf with these lines

# YouTube,,,,,

# SafeSearch,

# Bing Family Filter,

# DuckDuckGo Filter,,

Finally restart PiHole. Tested with PiHole 5.1.2