Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Search Salesforce Setup quickly

Here's a note from the Salesforce documentation on a shortcut link to search in the setup for approval
items, assignment rules, custom objects and fields, custom profiles, permission sets, workflow items, users, groups, queues, email alerts and templates.


  • this is different from the global search at the top of every Salesforce screen which only searches records not setup configuration items
  • this only works if Advanced Setup Search is enabled.

https://<instance><your search term here>

Examples are:

Or for multiple keywords put a %20 in place of a space

Also, for developers there is a Chrome extension - Salesforce advanced Code searcher[linked in the references] which enables searching for apex and VF code. This extension is awesome in finding the apex or VF you need and quickly jumping to it.

Searching Setup with Advanced Setup Search []
Salesforce advanced Code searcher[]